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Grasp the opportunity to discover the best potential Fintech partners

Efma has developed a new initiative to help retail banks and insurance companies leverage the growing importance of Fintechs. Alongside Microsoft and Avanade, and with the backing of some of the biggest financial institutions in the world, including BNP Paribas, Intesa Sanpaolo, La Caixa and Santander, Efma is launching an industry first – the Fintech Portal. Set to go live on 14 April 2016 during the Distribution Summit in London (www.efma.com/distribution16), the Fintech Portal will be a repository of leading fintech solutions and services that retail financial services organisations will be able to search. Moreover, it will serve as a forum for networking and collaboration – users will be able to contact Fintech leaders with requests (questions, RFI, RFP, etc..) and receive replies via the portal. The related Fintech Awards will highlight the best-in-class Fintech solutions, chosen by a panel of recognised experts. The Awards will be presented during a ceremony which will take place during Efma’s popular Distribution Summit.

Benefits for Fintechs and for financial institutions
By creating a portal of leading Fintech solutions and services, along with the related Awards, the objective of Efma and its partners is to bring a huge number of benefits to this new ecosystem:

• Fintechs will be able to promote their solutions to more than 330,000 senior executives from 10,000 banks and insurance companies through multi-criteria search functions
• The portal will create leads for Fintechs – Efma member banks and insurers will be able to contact participating Fintechs in order to ask questions or post RFI-RFP
• Fintechs will be able to request funding, expertise or support

Fintech solutions on the portal will be classified according to several Business categories and IT capabilities.

Distribution Summit 2016
Unleashing the potential of distribution channels

We are delighted to announce the 2016 Distribution Summit: Efma’s largest symposium where the leading executives in distribution come together to discuss tomorrow’s financial services and address today’s major threats and opportunities.

This annual must-attend event will bring together around 400 senior executives from all over the world to engage in a wide variety of discussions and collaborative debates. Experts from outside of the industry, including telco and retail partners, will also be in attendance to contribute fresh ideas and inspiration.


In addition to the Fintech awards ceremony 2016, Fintechs will have the opportunity to acquire a paying package (plenary speaking slot + stand) at the Distribution Summit. For more information, please contact us at fintech@efma.com


IT Sourcing

A new match-making service solely for financial institutions that are Efma members will be available from official launch on 14 April.

Financial institutions that are Efma members will be able to post their needs (questions, RFI, RFP, etc.), on a confidential basis, using selection criteria such as keywords, business categories and IT capabilities.

Based on all the completed parameters, the most suitable Fintechs will be informed by Efma about the request and will be invited to reply directly to the financial institution.

The portal will not disclose any requirements or information and only Efma will be able to access the information on the needs of its members.

Fintech Awards

The Fintech Awards will highlight the best-in-class Fintech solutions, chosen by a panel of recognised experts. The Awards ceremony will be organised within the framework of Efma’s popular Distribution Summit on 14 April 2016. www.efma.com/distribution16

The Distribution Summit is attended by more than 400 executives from 45 different countries and 6 continents. The Fintech Award winners will benefit from increased exposure and guaranteed participation in various Efma forums and events throughout the year (visibility at 3,000 financial institutions from 130 countries).

The portal will be officially launched during this ceremony on 14 April 2016.

Categories and Jury

A panel of 50 experts, comprising executives representing banks, insurance companies, well-known bloggers, etc. will vote on the best solutions in 9 different Awards categories. The Awards categories may include or group several business categories and IT capabilities. Fintechs will be rewarded on the basis of the following criteria: disruption, design, supported platform, potential.

Voting process

1st step: 19 January 2016:

  •   Portal opening and call for submissions (important : the submission involves filling in Company and Solutions forms to appear in the Fintech directory; as such the Fintechs will automatically participate in the Awards).
  •   Fintechs begin to post their initiative using the online form

2nd step: 16 March 2016: submission deadline

  •   The portal announces the end of the submission period. Fintechs can still post their initiatives online but these will not be eligible to participate in this year’s Awards.
  •   Jury members can vote online for the best Fintech in several categories.

3rd step: 05 April 2016: confidential announcement to Fintech winners

4th step: 14 April 2016: Fintech Awards ceremony at the Distribution Summit 2016 in London

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