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Digitalisation at Deutsche Bank

As part of Strategy 2020, Deutsche Bank is investing up to EUR 1 billion in digital technology across all four businesses.

Digital technology will enable the Bank to:

  • Enhance client experience by offering a seamless multichannel experience and more customised products and services
  • Harness the power of data, to understand customers better, further strengthen risk management, financial and regulatory reporting and reduce costs
  • Strengthen efficiency and controls, by increasing automation and reducing the risk of manual errors

Deutsche Bank is well positioned to take advantage of digital opportunities. It is a leading global player and national champion in Germany with a large customer base. It has expertise about banking products and services, managing risk and protecting confidential information. It also has access to funding and in-house technology expertise.

Strategic progress to date

Deutsche Bank has set up innovation labs in Berlin, London and Silicon Valley, known as Deutsche Bank Labs. These will enable the Bank to enhance its products, services and processes, explore digital opportunities that can form part of its digital strategy and strengthen the culture of technological innovation within the organisation.

In Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, we have launched a number of initiatives focusing on digital communication, digital advice, digital banking and the digital customer experience.

For example, Deutsche Bank was the first bank in Germany to offer clients banking through the Apple Watch, and in December 2015 we launched the AnlageFinder service providing automated investment advice. Over 40% of all logins in online banking are via mobile devices and over 30% of all mobile banking logins are via fingerprint recognition. We have won awards in Germany for our mobile banking app, our Apple Watch app and our fingerprint and photo security measures.

In Corporate & Investment Banking, we have successfully tested the use of blockchain technology in the area of corporate bonds and launched a new mobile service enables corporate clients to verify account information and authorise transfers.

In Global Markets, we are extending the Bank’s best technologies and systems across different asset classes (e.g. cutting-edge foreign exchange systems), which have helped the Bank to rank number one in electronic FX in a number of surveys, have been extended to Rates and Credit.

In both Global Markets and Corporate & Investment Banking, the Autobahn App market gives clients and internal sales teams an online one stop shop for a range of products and services.

In Asset Management and Wealth Management, initiatives are under way enabling the sales force to be more efficient in advising clients. For example, a new content management solution will hold all product information and thought leadership content in one place and a mobile app will upgrade client relationship management capabilities.